World's largest sesame processor mobilises warehouse operations and increases logistics efficiencies to best levels since company inception! May 24th, 2019

World's largest sesame processor mobilises warehouse operations and increases logistics efficiencies to best levels since company inception!

It has been a popular idea that mobilising your workforce can improve significantly the efficiency of your warehouse. If you are still doubting, we are presenting you the case of Haitoglou Bros SA, who by enabling real-time data distribution beyond the desktop significantly reduced lag time in data collection and distribution. 

The challenge 

Haitoglou Bros SA is the leading processor and supplier of sesame seeds worldwide. Most of the company’s operations occur in the warehouse, meaning that the employees spend most of their time on foot or a forklift. However, in order for the employees to add critical data has been only via desktop computers located off the warehouse. As a result, data distribution was delayed and real-time adjustments to production levels was almost impossibly.  

The solution 

Haitoglou equipped processing line and warehouse floor personnel, among other employees, with mobile computers, providing secure and constant access to the ERP system from anywhere. That way stock replenishment is automated, orders can be placed in real-time, and at the last minute if needed. 

In order for this to be possible Haitoglou tested and evaluated several mobile computing options in the warehouse environment. The one that proved to be the most suitable PC platform for the company’s operating environment was Zebra’s R12 rugged tablet. The R12 was the only device that provided the protection Haitoglou needed for forklift use, as well as other workflows inside its facilities’ four walls without having to compromise on any other capabilities or applications. 

Incredible results 

Ever since the R12 has been introduced in the warehouse facilities of Haitoglou Bros SA the workflow productivity has been increased significantly. At the same time, the implementation of this unique solution has led to cost savings and faster job completion, almost by 50%. 

Mobilise your workforce with Zebra! 

If you would like to scale up your operations in the same way as Mr Haitoglou did then you know the answer! In addition, Zebra’s R12 has a widely adaptive user experience that will make it easy for new end-users to access the applications and data relevant to their jobs, whether they are in an office or not, so it will be very easy for your workforce to adapt to the new device. 

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