Why Track and Trace Investments are Needed in the Food Industry December 28th, 2020

Why Track and Trace Investments are Needed in the Food Industry

You don’t think about how important food safety is until you’re the customer and discover a food recall shortly after you’ve consumed the expired item. Food safety is definitely a crucial topic for both consumers and food/beverage experts, because both can be greatly impacted by the outcome of spoiled products. Consumers are increasingly worried about illnesses and allergies that can occur because of the food they consume. Consequently, they’re concerned about the product’s origin, quality, and safety. Although many consumers could view this as a make-or-break situation, if information is not released, there are many technologies that can help to deliver traceability features to help inspire trust and even potentially an improved operational flow.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, many grocery stores have switched up their methods to operate strictly from the curbside or through straight to your doorstep deliveries. There is an increased focus on fostering healthy habits this year, in both humans and within the supply chain. Technology is here to extend traceability capabilities to maintain food safety and security during this and other public health crises, including a world where the supply chain’s imbalances are better managed after COVID-19-related market disruptions.

Food and Beverage Enterprises have recognized that they need to increase their efforts in winning consumer trust. Technology has been set in place to ensure that the following tasks can be completed in pursuit of ensuring that trust is accomplished: Reduced risk through proper handling/storage/transportation; tracking of a product’s perishability; food supply chain optimization; compliance with food quality and safety guidelines; intake management of raw materials and ingredients; and of course, an added sense of transparency within the food supply chain.

It’s clear that the food and beverage acknowledges the value of technology to improve traceability. Investing in track & trace technologies provides a promise that the industry will not only inspire trust and protect customers, but will also benefit from greater operational efficiency and productivity. From rugged handheld computers, to mobile barcode label printers and rugged scanners, Zebra has something for everyone within the food supply chain. If you’re interested in learning more about this range of solutions and what they can do for your customers’ workplace, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today!


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