Why clinical mobility is vital to the transformation of healthcare October 23th, 2019

Why clinical mobility is vital to the transformation of healthcare

In today's world, the reality is that both healthcare providers and patients want access to their data at anytime and anywhere. Plus, healthcare clinicians are continually trying to deliver safe and cost-effective patient care. Which can be a challenging task considering healthcare systems are not alleviating pressure. 

Clinicians work in a fast-paced and often unpredictable environment. With the use of mobile computers, this can help reduce the daily pressures placed on healthcare providers, lower cost, and provide higher patient care. 

Mobility drives efficiencies in clinical workflows in innumerable ways. One of the most critical ways mobility improves efficiency is through communication. Communication is crucial to providing patients with the best possible care. It is often challenging for medical staff to have coherent, non-intrusive, and reliable conversations with one another. Healthcare providers also struggle to find which co-workers are on shift and where to locate them. Many of the communication tools provided to caregivers are not congruent and prevent needed interactions from happening. Moving healthcare facilities to mobile computers can improve communicationefficiency, and is vital to reducing workflows and enhancing patient care.  

According to a recent article, nurses spend a bare 18% of their shift with the patients for assessment and treatment. The rest of their time (82%) is spent away from the patient, retrieving medications, supplies, and recording information. When clinicians leave the bedside of the patients to do the aforementioned, the care of the patient can be compromised. Without the use of mobile computers, healthcare providers have difficulty accessing the correct data in real-time. It is essential to make sure clinicians can access, locate, and retrieve the needed data that they are looking for in an easy, accessible, and timely manner that maximizes time with patients.  

With the use of clinical mobile devices, healthcare facilities can improve patient centricity and care delivery. With help from Zebra Technologies, you can find the perfect solution to enhancing your healthcare facilities. Contact BlueStar Europe to get the ideal mobile solution for your healthcare organisation. 


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