Where maximum process reliability and traceability are required, seamless automatic identification is an absolute must December 5th, 2018

Where maximum process reliability and traceability are required, seamless automatic identification is an absolute must

Complete visibility of processes are the foundations for efficient planning and control procedures. At any given time, there needs to be visibility and traceability of components and materials including their processing status and location. This, however, is only possible if the objects are uniquely identifiable and tracked at every phase of the production and logistics process. The continuous identification of products across the supply chain will become critical to success in all industries in the future, making it possible to work faster, more efficiently and more flexibly. 

Barcodes represented the easiest way for machines to read printed data. The information encrypted in the barcode is scanned and recorded with the help of special scanning devices.  Today, there are a variety of options in the manufacturing and logistics sectors to mark objects so they can be automatically read - mechanically, visually and electronically. 

The automatic identification of barcodes and characteristics requires suitable devices and systems that are able to detect these characteristics quickly and safely. Depending on the application area, type of label and process conditions, different versions and technologies can be used – from laser scanners to cameras and from mobile devices to stationary systems.

Every industry, every company and individual application has different requirements for automatic identification. Objectives and specifications, the processes and their environment, physical restrictions and technical possibilities impact the selection of codes, labelling procedures and data collection systems. There is no single solution that matches all requirements.


Although there is no one solution that matches all requirements, there is one company that can provide all types of solutions; Datalogic. With the most extensive portfolio for automatic identification solutions, from barcode scanning devices, mobile computers, sensors, security technology and RFID solutions, Datalogic can provide multiple solutions for any type of industry. Click here to learn from the experts of Datalogic all about Automatic Identification, and contact BlueStar Europe to find out which is the best Datalogic solution for your organization.


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