What were the top PoS trends in the last year? October 18th, 2018

What were the top PoS trends in the last year?
Although 2018 is well underway, it’s still useful to take a step back and look at some of the big Point of Sale (PoS) trends over the past year.

It’s a useful exercise and will help to understand issues that have grown or expanded into more complex solutions, such as the continuing trend towards mobility and cloud-based solutions and the emergence of unified commerce strategies.

Here’s some of the top PoS trends over the last 12 months to consider.

Tablet PoS continues to grow

Tablet solutions now offer a mixture of options, and mobile PoS is typically a tablet with a stand and a selection of accessories. However, manufacturers like Apple and HP have released a 12-inch tablet to provide users with a bigger display.

Mobile PoS systems that enable fast, secure and convenient transactions in all environments are quickly gaining more acceptance within businesses. Shipments of new mobile POS devices are projected to increase more than 400% by 2019, according to Mobile Payments Today.

Brick and mortar stores vs. online

Brick and mortar sales seem to be alive and well, despite online competition. Success, however, is only happening for a select amount of companies. The traditional brick and mortar stores in malls and shopping centres are suffering. The rise of the e-commerce giant, Amazon, has changed the guidelines of shopping.

Amazon has figured how to attack the media and entertainment categories, like books and music, but the ease of returns has made shopping online cheap, easy, and risk-free for clothing and apparel.

To tackle online competitors, physical stores are offering an online-like experience by making tablets available to customers for transactions and information. Shoppers can then place their orders to ship to their home or pickup at the store at a later date. This allows the customer to properly review the product by seeing it in person before buying.

Expanding the cloud

The trend to deploy POS systems and peripherals in the cloud will gain traction in a pay-as-you-go model that makes it easier for customers to access the latest technology and keep their systems updated.

This provides opportunities for recurring revenue streams, as subscription services become the norm throughout software companies.

Traditional PoS designed like mPoS

With the popularity of mobile point of sale (mPoS) systems growing, many traditional all in one terminals are creating a solution similar in size and footprint but with added features and performance.

All-in-one hybrid options have been on the rise, which provide a slim, compact system that achieves the look of an mPoS solution. The PoS systems of 2017 and beyond have become more diverse and will likely continue to evolve this way as merchants and consumers alike develop different needs, and more options become available.

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