What to consider when trying to improve performance in your distribution centre October 23th, 2019

What to consider when trying to improve performance in your distribution centre

The omnichannel fulfilment service is continuously growing and has started to become popular thanks to the development of e-commerce. However, because it is becoming so popular, the operational requirement of a distribution centre is more demanding than ever. Bruce Stubbs, director of supply chain marketing at Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions, comments "If companies cannot meet customers’ demands, they will have to deal with lost sales, returned goods and other costly impacts." 

Being able to maintain peak performance and maximise performance distribution centre consistently is a common goal for distribution centre operators. The following three areas show some of the most common challenges distribution centres encounter. 


Distribution centres biggest issue is accuracy. One of the most significant transgressions is when distribution centres use analog or paper-based methods to organize everyday tasks and workflow. This approach causes errors in every step of the process, and compromises receivingchecking inventory, picking, and packing workflows. Automation solutions are becoming extremely popular, and companies are seeing, without paper in the equation, that they reduce the errors. 

Consistency of performance 

Being able to maintain a stable performance from year to year is not an easy task in distribution centres. This is a priority, which most distribution centres share and are trying to improve. Some of the top causes of keeping a constant performance level are lack of crucial technology, economic challenges, or a lack of capital to be able to invest in facilities — all of the above lead to the suffering of performance. 


The most crucial part of any company is the employees. The workforce in a distribution centre play a significant role in maintaining performance. If you want to make sure your workforce improves efficiencies, then you need to provide the proper tools to enhance their output. These solutions will need to be able to provide real-time and historical insights into individual and collective performances. Training employees takes up a lot of time, which could be used for the new workers to be out in the warehouse working. Providing them with technical hand-held devices, which can help them learn on the go, reduce training time, and help improve their daily performances in order to finish tasks more efficiently and productively. The integration of people, process, and technology are what will drive success, with people leading the way. 

Are you looking for ways to help peak performance?  

With the help of Honeywell, you can improve your workers daily productivity and efficiency and technical solutions. Plus lower the chance of error due to paper-based methods. Contact your BlueStar representative today for more information.  


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