What to consider when selecting an enterprise mobile device October 18th, 2018

What to consider when selecting an enterprise mobile device

Enterprises today have a huge amount of choice when it comes to mobile technology to support their operations.

And making a decision isn’t easy. There is a choice of hundreds of devices with a variety of operating systems, features and price points to support field service, logistics and other mobile enterprise activity.

But before making any device comparisons, organisations need to consider a fundamental decision - whether to use a consumer-grade or rugged, enterprise-class device.

The consumer vs. rugged argument has gone on for years but hasn’t been conclusively resolved for two reasons. First, the line between consumer and rugged devices has blurred. Second, and more importantly, the right choice depends heavily on each organisation’s specific work processes, usage environment, preferences and budget.

The most important considerations include the environments devices will be used in, the processes they will be used for, how long the enterprise wants the devices to remain in service, how much maintenance and downtime are considered acceptable, and how much mobile workers depend on their devices to do their jobs.

One of the most important factors in choosing the right enterprise mobile computer is a consideration of both the environment and the workflow for which the device is to be used.

For example, a handheld device that will land on a carpeted floor when it is dropped doesn’t need to be as rugged as one that will land on concrete. If devices will be used outdoors, the screen should remain visible in bright sunlight.

Environmental resistance and ratings are also important considerations if the devices will be exposed to rain, snow, dust, dirt, chemicals or other hazards in the field. And it is also important to consider both uptime and potential loss of productivity should a device break and need repair service.

Consumer devices are designed to give the best possible user experience for staying up to date on social media, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows and playing games, and of course texting and making phone calls. But for enterprises, mobile devices are productivity tools. Enterprise devices need to optimise work processes and provide convenient access to business applications. These factors are considered at design stages, meaning that an enterprise device has been designed with business productivity in mind.

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