What needs to be done to improve shopper satisfaction May 24th, 2019

What needs to be done to improve shopper satisfaction

With the booming of e-commerce, which makes purchasing items faster and with better deals, more and more customers try to buy most things online.However, physical stores are still going strong due to consumers want to see and feel the products they are purchasing. Even though, physical stores are struggling to keep up with the expectations of their customers due to the fact that they have out-dated technology. 

It has become more difficult to satisfy customers in retail stores, especially when it comes to technology. It has been summarised in the 2019 Shopper Vision Study that retailers today need to accelerate the pace of change else they can risk losing sales and market shares. Customers and employees believe that the physical stores need to upgrade their technology, by providing the employees with mobile computers and scanners, which in return will improve shopping experience for customers. A serious aspect to consider is how knowledgeable your employees are. In fact, 31% of associates during the study claimed that they only were well-informed on 50% or less of the products in the store. So how can we expect employees to help customers, when they don’t know the answers themselves? The answer is simple. Providing them with the needed handheld technology will improve their knowledge and hence, customer satisfaction. 

Customers are still willing to go into a 
physical store if they are provided with solutions, such as alternative out-of-stock options. In fact, 62% of shoppers would prefer to purchase out of stock items in a store and get them delivered, but only as little as 34% of retails stores are offering this. Most retailers offer free shipping and returns but only a minimum of 22% are highly experience at providing this. The good news is that retailers are planning to provide home delivery of out-of-stock items by the end of 2019. 

On the other hand, only 13% of customers completely trust retailers with their data. That shows the necessity of retailers to improve how they handle customer data and provide customers with flexibility when it comes to what personal information is being used. 73% of shoppers would like that opportunity. Retailers need to start building trust with their consumers, to create a positive environment. 

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