What are the main transformation pillars for the retail industry? June 3th, 2019

What are the main transformation pillars for the retail industry?

E-commerce has expanded in the last several years, but we can safely say that physical stores are not wavering. Brick and mortar stores are teaming up with technologies resources and gaining momentum. RFID and loT have helped encourage physical stores to get smart and to re-strategize their engagement efforts. By doing this, they are improving customer satisfaction and maintaining the need for physical stores in the digital age. 

The main transformation pillars for the retail industry are RFID and loT. By integrating these tools, retailers can allow better business planning.  They can facilitate business demand and can make their customer engagement levels more efficient. Sensors and other systems are connected throughout the store and work to monitor and analyse business operations as needed. 

loT sensors are more than just there to remember what you viewed on your web browser. They can retrieve customer information such as frequency of a customer in your store and can also create a tailored experience for the customer. It can also change the temperature of the store to improve customer satisfaction. How? These sensors can track the conversion rates throughout the day, and if the number of people were to exceed a certain number, the sensor will notify the thermostat. 

Electronic tags with RFID sensors work to digitally track a product’s location and the habit of the purchase. Smart shelves are best seen for their tag sensing abilities to notice when items are selling expeditiously. RFID and loT sensors are used by retailers to take note of specific weights through the aisles. Once products are picked up, the weight will decrease, providing retailers with information on what is selling well. With the same sensors retailers can also monitor theft rates, by noticing a change of weight.  With the use of the latest technology grocery stores can utilize wireless networks, digital displays, and self-services kiosks. Making them more attractive than other stores in the area. 

Effective management solutions allow retailers to create ideal environments for customers, by measuring and analysing consumer habits, while assisting with marketing research. 


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Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.