Warehousing: A supply chain necessity October 31th, 2018

Warehousing: A supply chain necessity

In a perfect world, the supply chain wouldn’t need warehousing. But since that perfect supply chain doesn’t exist, the warehouse is an excellent solution to make a company more profitable. But how can you make sure that your warehouse moves along with increasing demand? 

There are three ways for a company to make a warehouse profitable.

Firstly, the warehouse functions as a buffer for house inventory and to smooth out fluctuations in supply and demand.

Secondly, by having a warehouse at your disposal, you can build up investment stock. This is especially useful when trading commodities such as coffee, where prices fluctuate on a global scale. This way, stock can be held and sold when the price is favourable.

Thirdly, inside an organisation, a warehouse assists in the most effective use of capital and labour. This allows a company to buy stock and more supplies when prices from suppliers are also more favourable.

But increasing demand also causes another issue. How can you keep your warehouse in order with an increasing number of pickings? The demand in e-commerce has seen an unparalleled rise over the last few years. The flow of point-of-use has been shortened and fastened.

To keep your warehouse functioning at optimal capacity, a large number of pickings need to be sorted on a daily basis. Current scanning solutions will not suffice with this projected increase. A handheld terminal still requires one hand to be used for scanning, which decreases the number of pickings drastically.

A solution to overcome these projected increases is to use a wearable device so both hands are free to do the picking. BlueStar Partner Unitech Europe develops multiple solutions for warehousing, including the new WD100 wearable computer, made to increase efficiency massively. Not only is it the first wearable to feature an Android OS, but is also easy-to-use thanks to a professional arm strap.

Efficiency is key in operating in a warehouse, so the WD100 also works perfectly with the MS652 2D ring scanner, to make sure you as a warehouse employee keep your hands free. That way, you save time and money, making your picking even easier.

Contact BlueStar today to make sure your warehousing solution is as cost-effective as possible by preventing overtime in labour and keep the flow to point-of-use intact.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.