Utilizing Digital Mobile Devices to Improve Patient Outcomes December 31th, 2020

Utilizing Digital Mobile Devices to Improve Patient Outcomes

Towards the beginning of 2020, the world was completely flipped upside down by the novel COVID-19 Pandemic. With millions of people affected worldwide, families and healthcare professionals alike have been left exhausted from the hurt and pain that this unforgiving virus has put forth. Nurses, doctors, and clinicians have tirelessly worked hour after hour ensuring patients are provided with the best care and that they can continue to look after themselves and their needs as well. The power of a person is only so strong, and with the assistance of medical-grade devices and tools, the level of patient care can be upgraded for the better. These types of solutions hold the ability to simplify operations that can lead to amplifying a caregiver’s ability to make smart decisions based on a wealth of available data, boosting productivity, enhancing patients’ safety, reducing costs where it can.

Some of the mobile devices that are utilized to help promote better patient care include the following: Devices that can benefit from functionalities thanks to contactless charging docks ensure that healthcare professionals will never run out of power while treating patients. Larger screens are pivotal tolls designed for viewing diagnostic information while multi-tasking and having multiple apps open at the same time, saving washdowns, time, and stress. Depending on a device that promises Wi-Fi Connectivity wherever one logs on letting clinicians stay in touch with their patients, anywhere and anytime.

The right mobile device is designed to make healthcare professionals’ lives easier while also improving patient care. By combining Electronic Health Records with machine learning and artificial intelligence, such mobile devices are able to be seen and treated as portals to better health, for all of those involved. Datalogic’s Memor 10 offers the ability to accurately exhibit all of the above features. Its powerful technology combined with staffs’ medical expertise can improve patient outcomes, and especially because it’s user-friendly and well-protected.

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