Why using Mobility devices are essential during the pandemic December 11th, 2020

Why using Mobility devices are essential during the pandemic

Navigating the supply chain can be quite the challenge during any normal season, but in the wake of the global pandemic, the state of distribution centers and warehouses has gone a bit awry. With general mass layoffs and furloughs taking place and employees still recovering from either the virus itself or the economic pushbacks, the supply chain hasn’t been at the best point during several parts of this year. As businesses begin to open back up and products begin to flow through the supply chain again, many are weary of the safety the precautions put in place, and if they are strong enough to stop the spread of the virus, both throughout the channel and within the workplace.

Mobility equipment, specifically handheld devices are essential of easy usage to collect scans that help to process incoming and outgoing shipments. As many companies are operating under half-capacity and promoting staggered shifts for their employees, relying on an efficient and accurate device to get the job done is critical. An additional feature, that’s important during this time, is ensuring that devices are armed with an exterior that is both anti-microbial and ethanol-safe to keep employees and customers safe, as they come into contact with the handheld devices.

In the logistics field, last-mile delivery drivers can benefit off of sanitized and safe vehicle cradles, while RFID gun-grips can easily be converted to pull a read on barcodes, especially for retail workers who find it hard to access barcodes up on high shelves and so forth. No matter what the vertical industry needs when it comes to mobility, Unitech is available to provide each niche offering with their line of flagship enterprise devices such as the PA760, EA510, EA620, EA630, and the EA500+.

If you’re interested in learning more about this line of hardware solutions, or would prefer to loan a device from BlueStar Europe, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative to learn more on how you can achieve this offering.


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