Transform a tablet into a unique mobility tool October 18th, 2018

Transform a tablet into a unique mobility tool
Tablets are revolutionising the way in which we do business. However, typical tablets are not designed for the commercial marketplace.

Most tablets are just not built to withstand the rigours of everyday commercial use. However, in many cases, there are simple and effective steps that users can take to transform a tablet into a mobility tool.

The XFrame from Ergonomic Solutions is proving to be one of the key enablers of tablet use in commercial settings to help retailers fully benefit from the power of their tablets. The XFrame can be enhanced with a strap, mobile payment device case and other accessories to become a complete solution, including in Point of Service and Point of Sale situations.

BlueStar, together with its partner Ergonomic Solutions, offer this tool to all tablet users in the mobility environment to make life easier and more efficient. Key retailers in the UK are already benefitting from the XFrame by speeding up their service and harnessing the power of their tablets in even more scenarios every day.

BlueStar partners can also benefit from these solutions by adding their value to complete their mobility tablet solution and mobility payment solutions. It represents an opportunity to open doors and to provide a wider vision of how the mobility is changing.

Feedback on the XFrame is overwhelmingly positive, with many retailers pointing to the increased security that they need to protect their hardware investment. What’s more, the range of enclosures and accessories enables their mobile workforce to maximise their use of the tablet wherever they work.

Other key features of the XFrame that improve everyday use of a tablet include:

  • Mounting points for more accessories and hand or shoulder straps
  • Placeholders for small peripherals like payment devices, scanners and Bluetooth printers
  • Smart placement of grip points to hold and protect the tablet
  • Kensington ClickSafe ready
  • Open design allowing access to all port and buttons
  • Foam bumps to ensure a perfect fit and no scratches to the tablet.

As payment technology continues to develop, more people are using mobile and contactless payment methods, so retailers need to ensure they can give their customers what they expect. In many cases, solutions are needed that will get the best out of any investment in technology.

Devices such as tablets and their associated apps are the enabler of the customer service that consumers expect and retailers strive for. By mixing a range of enclosures, sleds, frames and accessories, retailers can use for a wealth of mobile and static tablet-based applications across many retail and hospitality scenarios.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.