The next big thing in inventory control is automation December 9th, 2019

The next big thing in inventory control is automation

Trying to know which RFID solutions is best for your company is difficult. So, we have provided three successful case stories that show how RAIN RFID can elevate your business and bring operations into the future. RAIN RFID is a type of passive (battery-free) RFID that connects items to the internet enabling IoT solutions to improve operations in multiple industries.   

1.Automotive manufacturer Dana Incorporated achieves 100% parts traceability. 

Leading car part manufacturer Dana Incorporated must have eyes on every item and car part that enters their manufacturing line. To achieve this level of visibility, Dana automated their inventory control process using the RAIN RFID platform, a chip-equipped tag attached to every component that moves along the manufacturing line. With this deployment, they eliminated mistakes associated with manual scans, drastically decreased cycle times, and achieved 100% parts traceability. 

2.Newark automates supply chain strategy and keeps passengers happy 

Newark Airport passengers benefit from RAIN RFID airport automationMost modern passengers are accustomed to receiving packages from across the country in under 24 hours, which makes it 

difficult for them to tolerate waiting hours for a checked bag at the airport. Serving one of the busiest cities in the world, Newark Airport knows this fact all too well. Upon implementation of RAIN RFID-enabled baggage tags, Newark was able to significantly increase the speed of the checked baggage security process. Now their passengers face fewer delays due to baggage handling errors and get to their final destination faster.  

3.Polaris automates and reduces overall costs 

Polaris automates inventory control and reduces costs with RAIN RFIDInventory mistakes cost time and resources that most companies can't afford to give. Manual checks can be effective but often leaves room for errors. That's why Polaris deployed a RAIN RFID solution that automated inventory tracking throughout their manufacturing plant. Now, the new readers track vehicle frames that are equipped with an RFID tag chip. This system delivers real-time data about where WIP cars are on the manufacturing line to plant workers. By automating with RAIN RFID, Polaris saw a 30% increase in inventory accuracy that saved them $200,000 annually.  

The above success stories could not be done without the help of Impinj, who proves that their RFID solutions are ideal for any industry. For more information about Impinj, contact your BlueStar Europe representative today! 


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