The importance of secure identity December 5th, 2018

The importance of secure identity

Today’s society shares information at incredible speeds. However, this doesn’t come without any risks.  A technologically advanced world requires a very secure front door, which is the secure identification. Even if a lot of information is shared online, there are still plenty of data protected physically and should be of limited access in order not to get into wrong hands. Implementing a streamlined issuance process guards even the most sensitive data, ultimately boosting productivity and profits.

By using secure personalised badges and cards you make sure that areas and networks are protected and you reduce the risk of fraud. Whether you are in a corporate, educational, or governmental environment such ID badges are necessary for all.

What makes an ID badge superior and more secure than others?

  • Visual identity

With high-quality logos and vibrant images, you will not be fooled by their impressive appearance.

  • Controlled access

ID badges put access control in the right hands protecting that way both physical and digital assets.

  • Secure transaction

One quick read of a secure ID can update time and attendance systems, access student or member accounts and conduct financial transactions.

  • Strong security and durability

Protection against tampering and forgery is as essential as the card itself. 

 Entrust Datacard has the answer

Entrust Datacard has the answer Entrust Datacard’s SD360 Duplex Printer is an automatic dual-sided ID card printer that produces safe ID badges in no time, increasing that way the productivity with industry-leading print speeds and at the same time producing vibrant and crisp images. With a currently limited offer by Datacard you can get this secure and unique printer in the price of a simpler version, and get the ribbons for free. Click here to learn how you can take benefit of this offer and increase your sales and margins!


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