The Future of Operations: The Energy & Utilities Sector December 30th, 2020

The Future of Operations: The Energy & Utilities Sector

As the energy and utilities sector continues to evolve, some of the trends that will emerge over the next five years are beginning to take shape. While seven out of ten companies report utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning to create work schedules that seek to maximize their resources in the field, the use of predictive and advanced analytics is still expected to surge at some point. Remote monitoring and reporting, cloud computing and several other innovative technologies are next predicted to become essential staples of the industry within the next few years.

As the years go on, there has been a new and improved expectation level placed by the ongoing developments into 5G connectivity. With this instalment, many are placing a higher investment amount on wireless devices to remain competitive, and in return the industry is experiencing increased value being placed on nearly all forms of mobile technology as well. On the other side of the spectrum, field service workers experience quite a bit of trouble if their tools aren’t functioning properly. Those barriers can include inclement weather, untimely dispatch calls, safety hazards and warnings. No work environment is simple in their world and that’s why such mobile devices are presented as necessary resources to get the job safely and efficiently.

It’s been found that equipping field service workers with the correct tools and devices has also paid out in huge dividends, and through this, companies are predicted to rely on technology way more, as we precede forward. Mobile solutions are enabling field technicians to be more productive, solving their issues and overcoming blockades quicker. Field techs are exposed to considerably less risk when accessing information, so that they can make safer choices when on the clock. At the speed that mobile solutions are prospering, it won’t be long until organizations have begun to adopt and implement cloud computing, analytics and even remote monitoring in the years to come.

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