The Future of Healthcare: Mobile technology elevates patient care, empowers clinicians, and enhances workflows May 24th, 2019

The Future of Healthcare: Mobile technology elevates patient care, empowers clinicians, and enhances workflows

Are you wondering how the landscape within healthcare will look like, and how technology will transform healthcare operations and the patients experience? A 2022 Vision Study sheds light into the matter, which provides much needed information to help healthcare facilities improve their overall performance and patient care. The transformation to mobile technology is inevitable and essential. But why? 

In the healthcare industry there is an unconquerable number of issues, such as the increasing shortage of staff and rising of costs, which increases a numerous amount of errors. As a result, there is a higher demand for services and support that are not sustainable with existing resources and methods. 

More than half of medical errors are imputable to communication breakdown. To help reduce the immense amount of errors healthcare organisations can integrate clinical mobility throughout their entire organization. This will eliminate communicational errors by improving accuracy of patient identification, visibility of records, and verifying that the right medication is administered. The study shows that with the use of clinical mobility there will be a 61% reduction in medication administration errors.  

At the same time, clinical mobility will improve efficiency for nurses. On average a nurse walks between four to five miles (six to eight kilometres) per a 12hour shift. This is due to the inaccessible information the nurses need for each patient. By employing mobiles computer nurses will be able to view and monitor patients vital signs on the go and receive lab results faster at a click of a button. This will once again provide an errorless system, increase efficiency for nurses, and most importantly allow more time for nurses to spend at the patient’s bedside.  

Healthcare in the digital world 

Making sure we transform healthcare to the digital world is vital in the future. It wont just affect the efficiency, but will deliver better care, and be more affordable for the patients. According to the vision study, most respondents cite improved quality of patient care as a direct result of clinical mobility! Special thanks to Zebra for conducting such an insightful study. If you want to read the whole 2022 Hospital Vision Study click here 

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