The couriers & parcels challenges May 24th, 2019

The couriers & parcels challenges

Enterprises rely on couriers to keep merchandise and materials moving efficiently while maintaining security and traceability. When merchandise is being loaded dimensioning solutions, sensors, and vision systems track parcels onto the carrier and support exact cargo loading. Mobile computing and handheld scanners can ensure visibility through the final details such as last-minute activities with delivery confirmation and signature capture. Below you can find solutions to the most common challenges of couriers and parcels on the go. 

Inbound & Induction 

While off-loading vans, trucks, trailers, and airplane containers, identification of containers as they are moved into the main facility is crucial. Barcoded information on each parcel makes it possible to direct it to the right location and maintain traceability. All you will need is the correct vision systems and fixed readers. 


Identifying and sorting packages can be a rather big challenge. However, using single or multi-sided scanning tunnels with integrated dimensioners, sensors, and machine vision solutions can be of great help. Dimensioning systems are required by regulations for certified trade, and real-time image storage can be used for video coding and OCR. Real-time pattern recognition technology will identify hazardous material labels helping affect sort decisions. 


Intelligent outbound systems with integrated vision systems, smart cameras, RFID readers, dimensioners, or fixed scanners have the ability to execute the automated assignment of packages. Barcode labelling will be automatically affixed to parcels then automatically detected and verified by reading systems. Manual operations for pallets or larger freight will still be executed by staff but supported by industrial handheld scanners and mobile computers, will make the whole process more efficient than ever! 

Field Mobility 

During the final stage, if drivers are equipped with mobility solutions will be able to verify package pickup and delivery, collect signatures, and accept payment, all while in constant communication operations and support via voice, data or text. 

Who can provide all these solutions? 

With Datalogic’s vision systems, dimensioners, and fixed scanners all these can become your reality and solve most of your daily challenges, while automating most of the process seamlessly! Contact BlueStar Europe for more information and learn how you can make your life easier. 


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.