The benefits of a unified platform June 4th, 2019

The benefits of a unified platform

Today, many organizations have disparate devices in multiple form factors for many uses, a myriad of applications for different tasks, and complex IT infrastructureIf your customers are still wondering whether they should combine all these separate devices into one unified hardware and software platform, we present you the four main reasons to give them as to why they should stop wondering and act now! 

  • Accelerate deployments

Research has shown that IT staff is spending approximately $700 in order to deploy one only device. This cost is very high and can be significantly decreased by unifying devices, validate them, use cases, and software once, and then deploy across multiple devices faster, easier, and at lower cost. 

  • Optimise business performance 

Consider the cost of a single device not being available for use during a shift. What about over the course of a year? By having a unified platform, these high costs can be avoided, and device investment maximised. A unified platform can help your customers track, manage, standardise, and optimise all their mobile devices, across all their locations. Such a platform delivers results that have previously been unattainable. 

  • Extend lifecycle

A unified platform for all mobile devices can also increase the RoI and productivity or an organisation simply by extending the lifecycle of the devices. Your customers will have one platform that can provide information about the status of the battery health, and an overall self-diagnostics utility on their devices.

  • Strengthen security

We live in a time where security breaches are a constant threat to business. With a unified platform security can be increased as security patches are implemented to all devices. 

Looking for the ideal unified solution for your customers’ warehouse? 

Honeywell’s Mobility Edge is a hardware and software platform that drives agile business outcomes, faster, better, with less cost, and less risk! Mobility Edge offers an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach to workflow automation that is based on a common hardware and software platform. Designed for Android™, it delivers a unified platform that all software solutions are based on. Businesses can develop and deploy faster while reducing development costs. If you want to find out more about Honeywell’s Mobility Edge click here 

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