The app to improve hospital efficiency October 18th, 2018

The app to improve hospital efficiency
One of the key challenges that healthcare providers have faced in recent years is providing patient-focussed healthcare with safety and real-time information at its heart. 

To achieve this, providers need to easily access relevant patient data at the bedside as well as having the ability to perform a wide variety of daily tasks dedicated to the patient, often on the move.

To solve this growing issue, BIQ, partner of BlueStar in Portugal, has developed an app that combines all nursing activities into a single handheld device.

The MAPP mobile app platform not only provides increased mobility and productivity but also ensures patient safety through barcode scanning.

Android-based MAPP is an entry menu with several BIQ HS applications accessible after authentication. Users can log by scanning their own unique barcode (batch ID) and immediately access all the mobile functions. Actions performed on MAPP are automatically integrated with HIS and patient EMR. MAPP is a close loop medication solution that is compliance with HIMSS.

With MAPP, bedside scanning is easy as the solution designed to ensure patient safety through the validation of medication administration. It is also simple to record and assign nursing procedures performed at the bedside and to every patient.

The app also helps with blood transfusions, ensuring safety through the unambiguous identification of the patient and blood components to be administered. Mapp also helps users manage ward level stock through the use of barcode scanning.

Other accessible applications include Mealtrac, which ensures patients receive the correct meal, and Milktrac, designed to ensure babies and new-borns are given the correct milk at the right time. Labtrac also ensures end-to-end sample traceability, guaranteeing patient safety through the readable information on the barcode labels.

Further advantages include:

  • Eliminating duplicate records
  • Reducing time for nursing records
  • Streamlines nursing activities
  • Ensuring traceability
  • Increasing patient safety
  • Eliminating paper-based records
  • Increasing nursing time per patient.

BlueStar, in cooperation with its partners, can offer complete solutions to help customers in healthcare to find new opportunities. 

The MAPP platform can help new resellers to sell more hardware and up to 30% more software. These solutions can help increase efficiency and therefore can create excellent openings with hospitals and other healthcare providers.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.