The all-access campus ID for Generation Z November 1th, 2018

The all-access campus ID for Generation Z

Ready or not, Gen Z is taking over college campuses. They're digital gurus, expert multi-taskers, fiercely individual, extremely influential and have short attention spans. They're quick to share their lives through images and ratings on social media — putting their school's brand and reputation on the line in one Snap, Tweet or video. Universities across the world have to be focused on delivering the digital-centric educational experience these students expect. As a result, leaders in higher education are reinventing their approaches to better gratify Gen Z students by offering them new ways to experience their campuses. And it all starts with the student ID.

Old-school ID programs won't impress this generation of tech-savvy, social multitaskers and influencers. Waiting in long lines at the student services department to have photos taken or receive an ID card on orientation day is an experience killer. Now it's possible to eliminate lines on orientation day. Imagine using a tablet to take a student's photo and enrolling them from the cafeteria, book store or dorms as they explore campus. This creates a true five-star experience for Generation Z.

The technology available today for ID card issuance empowers schools to easily provide a true one-card experience. Smart card technology for student ID cards can be programmed and used to pay for meals, do laundry, enter secure facilities and do everything in between. Schools adopting this technology are creating card programs that offer a sense of individuality, self-reliance, purpose and community to help capture and deliver the experience Gen Z is looking for.

How to obtain these secure campus IDs?

Entrust Datacard’s server-based card issuance software makes it easy to adapt campus ID card programs. University staff can issue ID cards on any secured device, anywhere on campus. And remote monitoring and management tools will streamline administration of card issuance programs like never before. Click here to learn more about Entrust Datacard’s software and how universities can benefit from it.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.