The 7 benefits of having a cloud-based POS system November 9th, 2018

The 7 benefits of having a cloud-based POS system

Traditional POS systems have been proven very beneficial for any industry. However, as technology is evolving so do the needs of both businesses and consumers. Part of this next-generation way or working is also the cloud-based POS. More than 35% of operators have stated that “cloud POS is a priority for their next POS upgrade”. But what exactly is cloud-based POS and which are its benefits?

What is cloud-based POS?

According to Forbes, a cloud-based POS system “eliminates the need for a server and moves traffic flow to someone else’s datacenter. Typically, the network is wireless, so there isn’t a need to connect everything with wires”. At the same time, expensive data centers are no longer essential as they have been replaced by the provider’s data center in the cloud. A cloud POS has several benefits, the main of which are presented below.

  1. Cost

Cloud POS does not require an upfront payment for the hardware and software. With cloud POS fees can be paid on a monthly basis. The merchant can simply use the product without an expensive upfront hardware purchase.

  1. Simplicity

Acquiring this system is as simple as downloading the app. On top of that, updates are pushes to the devices from the cloud without any further manual work from the merchant.

  1. Flexibility

In many cases the needs of the industry and the merchant keep changing. Having a cloud POS means that it can be adopted in any stage based on these needs.

  1. Back up of information

All information is automatically back up in the cloud. In case the hardware is lost or the computer crashes the data will not be lost, everything is saved in the cloud.

  1. Mobility

In case being mobile is essential in the store, cloud-based POS is ideal for your business, as it can be used from a portable device.

  1. Personalisation

The programs of a cloud-based POS system can be adapted based on your needs and requirements. All the different option can vary based on the industry and on your requirements without extra costs.

  1. Keep track of your performance

Most importantly, a cloud POS can track your performance and growth. It can be upgraded easily and will transfer your data so your growth information is never lost.

Looking for recommendations?

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