Tallink pioneers self-service check outs on board its ships October 18th, 2018

Tallink pioneers self-service check outs on board its ships
Tallink pioneers self-service check outs on board its ships Tallink, one of the largest passenger and cargo shipping companies in the Baltics, has adopted the Datalogic Joya Touch Device and Shopevolution 7 in its on board retail stores. Tallink has included the solution on its ships after it became concerned passengers were not using the shops because they didn͛t want to queue.

Tallink stores offer passengers a wide range of products including food and drinks, souvenirs and holiday essentials. However, queues can often build up in the shops on the shorter journeys such as the Helsinki to Tallinn crossing.

Realising that it was missing out on revenue, Tallink turned to Dalalogic's partner Nixor to build a self-service option for its ship 'Star', which would give passenger more self-service payment choices and reduce queues.

The system, known as Q-Shopping by Tallink, uses the Datalogic Joya X2 platform. The Joya Touch is an android device that combines self-service shopping, queue busters, gift registries, and click and collect on the same device as well as operational applications such as shelf replenishment, inventory controls, and pricing applications such as those used for promotions, mark downs and price checks.

It also the first in the world to have wireless charging, and includes fast charging modes and Datalogic's easy to use soft trigger. It's also easy to clean and maintain. What's more it can connect to other devices like wireless printers and be used as a phone using the CSipSimpe wireless connectivity function.

Now passengers can scan products using a mobile scanning device and make a payment using a kiosk. Customers can also earn Club One loyalty points as the system is set up to recognise a passengers boarding pass which they can scan as part of the self-check out process. They can also redeem vouchers and coupons – printed or on a mobile device - against the total bill.

The new service has reduced the time it takes to check out and the numbers of passengers making a purchase has increased. It's also freed up sales assistants to stock shelves and help provide a better pre-sales service to customers as they are now available to help passengers find what they are looking for.

As the results were so good, Tallink decided to roll it out to its new ship Vessel Megastar, which boasts a 2800 square metre superstore selling cosmetics and perfumes, designer clothes, gifts and groceries.

Overall Tallink now has a very efficient and easy to use self-serve option on board its ships. Staff and passengers are happy to use the system and by linking it with the Club One loyalty programme Tallink has been able to improve the customer experience and a passenger's propensity to visit the store often.


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