Taking the customer focussed path to multi-channel success October 18th, 2018

Taking the customer focussed path to multi-channel success

Did you know that four out of five customers use a smartphone while they shop? And that 80% would prefer a more mobile-optimised shopping experience?

The reality is that today’s customer wants to switch between a mobile device and physical store seamlessly. Inconsistencies between online and physical experiences disappoint, creating barriers in the path to purchase and damaging trust in the brand.

This is why modern retailers are taking an ‘omni-channel’ approach. But the pace of change also means that retailers face critical questions around the capability of their traditional growth strategy. This leads them to re-think plans and explore new routes to growth that include focusing on the use of technology and new channels in order to get closer to the customer to raise satisfaction levels and gain competitive advantage.

The customer should be at the centre of it all, and BlueStar partner Zebra Technologies views this approach as 'One Store', because customers don’t see channels – they see One Store.

Zebra has defined the One Store approach by five sub themes:

  • Store Mobility- Empowering staff with mobile devices to make operations more efficient through improved stock visibility and communication
  • Delivery- This has changed dramatically. To meet same-day expectations, retailers need to make use of all the stock and every location they available to them
  • Loyalty- Loyalty schemes are easier than ever to create, but it’s harder than ever to make them work. Personalisation is key to success
  • Brand Experience– This has more components than ever before, and success lies in maintaining consistency between physical and online customer experiences
  • Big Data– Data connects it all, but it is the insight and not the information that is valuable to retailers, and that takes hard work.

With the One Store approach, complete visibility over stock is essential. Track and trace technologies such as barcoding and RFID can optimise efficiencies in the supply chain and help retailers to see everything, everywhere.

Connected staff play a key role in being able to better serve the customer. Checking stock in-store or the supply chain, through to providing product information and taking orders. Collaboration is needed across the organisation to achieve complete supply chain visibility.

Retailers need to move as quickly as possible where they can deliver the best experience as One Store. Faced with demanding customer expectations, the role of technology has never been greater to optimise the data collection, marketing and service delivery to help achieve the greatest benefits. A forward-thinking strategy with secure Wi-Fi at the heart is vital.

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Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.