Taking advantage of Tablet POS October 18th, 2018

Taking advantage of Tablet POS

It’s becoming well known that tablet POS offers the advantages of versatile cloud-based software alongside compact, low cost hardware.

But the big disadvantage that many businesses run into is the lack of connected peripheral control.

That’s why BlueStar  partner and POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics has launched its new and unique CloudPRNT-POS solution that allows retailers to benefit from tablet POS with complete USB peripheral control from a web-based application on any device with a browser. 

The solution allows cloud-based software to run on any tablet or smartphone (Windows, Android, Linux or iOS) with peripherals controlled through the printer to provide a complete POS transactional solution with all the advantages of tablet POS.  

CloudPRNT technology provides benefits to many point of sale situations, from restaurants to retail stores, by eliminating the need for an extra device to send an online order to the printer.

Instead, the ordering service will be able to communicate directly to the printer. Therefore, the store owner or service providers do not need to maintain an SSL certificate for CloudPRNT printers since the printer communicates with the server as a client.

By offering online purchasing options, retail stores and restaurants will be able to grow their business to expand to a larger market. Using CloudPRNT, online ordering systems have a new and easier solution to offer businesses, allowing them to seamlessly integrate online purchasing into their stores.

The new Star TSP654II CloudPRNT-POS can be used as a hub providing IP connectivity via wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi with peripheral support, by means of two USB host ports.

A fast 300mm/second thermal POS receipt printer, the TSP650II offers versatility at all levels with a range of connection options for traditional EPOS as well as newer mPOS, tablet and web-based systems. Users can choose to stick to a traditional PC-based system and then to switch to web or tablet solutions as they wish or to run both systems concurrently.

Connecting the Star printer and device to the same network creates a complete and connected Tablet Point of Sale application that is easily accessible across any Internet enabled device. 

Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA commented on the launch of CloudPRNT-POS: “Star is proud to provide this new and innovative solution that means Tablet POS is now viable for all retailers who can take advantage of not only hardware cost savings but also the flexibility of cloud-based software. Cloud-based software peripheral management was out of reach for many retailers but, once again, Star’s innovation has created a cost-effective solution.”


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.