Smart cities: Are we protected? October 18th, 2018

Smart cities: Are we protected?

“There are two types of companies when it comes to breaches; those who have been breached and those that don’t know that they have been breached yet.”

According to the United Nations, half of the world’s population is living in urban settlements. This number is about to increase dramatically by 2030, when it is estimated that more than 60% of the population will be residing in cities. However, this rapid increase of urbanization in an IoT era rises potential security risks.

In the past, we used to worry only about the security of our computers, then the mobile phones were added in this worrying, but today the spectrum of devices connected and transferring data over networks is enormous, with a variety of key areas that rise security concerns. Opinions differ regarding which is the one key area that resellers should focus their attention in regards to security, but after talking to several IoT and Smart Cities experts, we present below the most prevalent views.

  • Critical Infrastructure; Critical infrastructure should be secure from unintended access in order to maintain the order of any city.
  • Supply chain; Supply chain can be subject to thefts and terrorism so making sure that this area is secure can be as critical as saving our lives.
  • Sensitive data; More sophisticated levels of encryption are constantly being required in order to secure personal data, not only of employees but also of end users. One way of preventing the breaching of personal data is to move to a hybrid model where people’s data is kept before a firewall whereas the rest are on the cloud.
  • Cloud computing; Increasing encryption and authentication minimizes the risk of attacks. Cloud computing can also be optimized with the method of edge computing, which provides proximity and does not depend on the communication part.

Don’t be discouraged though; Smart Cities might create some virtual risks but most importantly create a secure environment to live in, with a faster response to threats and a decreased level of violence.

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Special thanks to Susana Val, Juan Ramón Santana, Pedro Pina, and Justin Peyton for a very informative and constructive discussion.


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