Service levels for every business and every budget October 18th, 2018

Service levels for every business and every budget

Choosing the best mobile devices to fit a specific business is a task which can take months of careful planning and review, often including testing different models and gaining user feedback.

But once new technology has been deployed, businesses often struggle to monitor and manage their devices, resulting in a negative impact on their bottom line.

Devices can suffer from a range of issues that can impact on their performance, the most common being battery degradation. For many companies, the cost of a device failure can be huge. VDC estimates that device failure equates to 80 minutes of lost productivity.

In addition to device disruptions, devices can often seemingly disappear. Some may be lost or stolen but quite often they get hoarded by a user who has a preferred device and doesn’t want anyone else to get their hands on it. Keeping a track of your devices is important as it will help you to spot out of contact devices quickly or devices that are still in contact but hidden in a person’s locker overnight leaving the night shift one device down.

With these issues in mind, BlueStar has created a range of service levels designed to provide valuable information about mobile deployments to help businesses maximise return on investment.

BlueStar Managed Services give organisations centralised visibility of their mobile device deployment and better management helping them to maximise their investment in the technology.

There are two levels of service available designed to support the most common business requirements, in addition to a fully bespoke option. All options are based on a competitive price per device per month cost model.

  • Monitor - reports based insight
  • Manage - enhanced reports to include connectivity, printer odometer plus MDM to deliver OS and firmware updates
  • Bespoke – BlueStar will design a service for an individual business.

To find out more about the features included in each level, please refer to our reseller cheatsheet.

Not sure what service is required? Contact us and we’ll help select the right service to maximise return on investment.

With a managed service, BlueStar can help to identify and rectify issues with devices, such as battery degradation and devices that have lost contact with the network. If there are devices that have gone back for repair, BlueStar can help to monitor them through the repair loop (currently available for Zebra devices only) so that users can see when they are expected back into their business and can plan accordingly.

BlueStar Managed Services can also assist with software updates that need to be pushed out to all devices and can even help to monitor other devices such as printers, so long as they are connected to your network.

For further details, please visit the Bluestar Managed Services microsite.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.