Sense and Connect: The ultimate IoT Experience October 18th, 2018

Sense and Connect: The ultimate IoT Experience

The idea of Internet of Things, or more widely known IoT, can be summarised as everything is connected through the cloud, providing constant monitoring to all the data. Although this concept can be perfectly understood, what is important to grasp is the business opportunities generated from IoT. Pedro Pina, Domatica’s VP of Business Development, explained the importance of IoT in any industry.

Pedro has participated in the MVP Europe event run recently by BlueStar at Edinburgh, in which the Smart Cities concept opportunities have been highlighted.

IoT’s main goal is to convert electrical signals to business information. By collecting all relevant information from a business and sharing that information with all stakeholders, such as production, maintenance, management, and finance stakeholders, efficiency in the workforce is increased. And the great part of IoT is that it is not limited in one type of business.

Pedro Pina illustrates how IoT has been used in the coffee industry, providing a valuable example for any other market. By creating a coffee machine with IoT connectivity all essential information regarding the brew pressures, temperatures, water consumption, energy consumption and localization is collected and stored on the cloud. This information can then be shared with both the establishment owner and the coffee distributor, benefitting both sides. Regarding the owner of the coffee place, accessing all this information means that the quality of the coffee can be maximized, the hygiene will always be checked, the water and energy consumption will be monitored and most importantly all sales will be controlled. On the other hand, the coffee distributor can benefit from this collection by creating new business models, anticipating faults, and mainly making sure that the coffee is being sold to the establishment owner.

Joined information from different levels provide details about customers and business’ needs, which can, as a result, improve both customer experiences and business models. No matter what industry you are involved in, the new reality of IoT is present and all you need to do is think how your business can benefit for data. By collecting and sharing information your business will grow in no time!

Click here to watch the whole presentation of Pedro Pina on IoT and learn how your business can benefit from the new technology.


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