Self-Service Solutions for Food & Retail June 3th, 2020

Self-Service Solutions for Food & Retail

As COVID-19 continues to unfold itself to us, many are afraid to visit their favourite dining spots, for fear of catching the virus. In this light as well, many restaurant owners are hesitant to open their locations, even for carryout, due to the shutdown backlash. Though some businesses are opening their doors (with restrictions) it looks a little different than it did before. Curbside pickup, delivery, and kiosk pathways have been added to their offerings. On the retail side of the spectrum, shop owners are implementing self-service solutions from BOPIS, BOPAC, Lockers, Self-Checkout and more to aid the consumer.

Self-Service retail technologies are helping operators to effectively drive sales, while creating a seamless and customised shopping experience for their customers and Custom can support them with its range of innovative and versatile solutions. Several self-service centered trends have popped up in the last couple of months that are worth mentioning to consider for both retailers and consumers.

Self-Couponing: The art of delivering interactive digital kiosks into a space to engage with customers and simplify the shopping experience, issuing vouchers, coupons, and loyalty gift cards, just for using the device and essentially self-promoting.

Lockers: With a locker system, a customer can complete their transaction and then in return pick it up in their own assigned locker, so that there is minimal interaction. Integrating fast printers and scanners into this strategy can guarantee contactless and smooth purchases in the long run.

This array of self-service technologies is becoming the new normal for employees in various industries. As businesses start to reopen their hours of operation, slowly, many are requiring employees and guests to wear safety masks and sanitise frequently, in addition to following social distancing mandates. To learn more about Custom’s line of Self-Service solutions, from mobile computers to kiosk printers, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.