Self-checkout means an enhanced shopping experience December 10th, 2019

Self-checkout means an enhanced shopping experience

Retail is evolving and so are the needs of your store operations. Your customers expect shopping to be fast, easy, and convenient, and self-service can enhance their shopping experience.  At the same time, you should always try to enhance security while keeping an intuitive user interface. Below you can find our tips and tricks on how to combine all of the above through self-checkout. 

Save valuable space and IT costs  

Your floor space is valuable, so you need a solution that can offer optional bagging, or packing areas, with weight-based security that can accommodate several bags to best fit the needs of your stores. Simultaneously, keep in mind to save money on your IT hardware investment by looking into the future and get a solution that supports only debit and credit card payments. 

Protect against shrink 

With the integration of self-checkout in most of the stores, you cannot avoid the possibility of theft as you leave it on the discretion of the customers to scan all their products. Hence, a solution that includes theft deterrents, such as an integrated security scale, a sophisticated self-learning and adjusting weight database, a security camera, and attendant-monitoring tools is more than essential and will save you a lot of money and trouble. 

Total solution for a better customer experience 

Shoppers around the world choose self-checkout because they believe it is more convenient, simple to use, and faster than traditional checkout. That is why you need a complete self-checkout solution that includes a user-friendly software that creates an easy and fast purchase experience.  

Transforming your checkout 

Your stores are the heart of your business and finding new ways to improve the instore experience of your customers is critical to staying relevant and profitable. Such an experience is impossible without a unique and innovative checkout solution.  

Looking for ideas? 

NCR’s FastLane SelfServ Checkout R6LN Plus! It is built on more than twenty years of global self-checkout excellence and features an optimised footprint that supports both credit and debit combined with bi-optic imaging technology to enhance both security and customer convenience while an intuitive user interface accommodates the needs of all your shoppers! 

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