See the future of healthcare with Zebra's latest campaign October 18th, 2018

See the future of healthcare with Zebra's latest campaign

It’s no secret that healthcare professionals are facing growing challenges. Tightening budgets and overwhelming demand leads to increased pressure, and having to rely on outdated systems can be a costly issue when it comes to time and money.

Disjointed or incompatible systems can introduce unnecessary, even dangerous, delays and errors into medical, care giving and administrative activities.

For example, did you know that 13% of all surgical mistakes are down to ID errors? Or that sample errors cost hospitals €185m-€375m per year? How about that 67% of transfusion mix ups are due to ID error?

In hospital or healthcare settings, tools that help people understand process flows, effectively manage resources and quickly locate assets are critical to the efficiency of their operations.

That’s why Zebra has launched its new ‘See the Future of Healthcare’ campaign to emphasise how Zebra's healthcare offerings help professionals overcome these barriers. Zebra’s healthcare solutions are fully integrated, developed by experts to help to enhance patient care, while reaching new levels of efficiency, accuracy and patient safety.

In the mission-critical environment of healthcare, delivering the very best patient outcomes requires instant communications and guaranteed access to a wealth of data, available immediately when it's needed. By using familiar, simple and secure tools, with connectivity and network assurance, Zebra make it easier for Bluestar customers to deploy, use and manage IT.

Zebra provides simple solutions to solve these complex problems. With Zebra, your healthcare customers can give their patients and assets a digital footprint. They can view their resources and assess their options in real-time so they can make better decisions and improve patient outcomes.

Key Zebra products in healthcare include:

Printers: Wristband and card printers plus desktop, mobile or tabletop printers to fit a range of healthcare applications.

Labels/cards: Patient wristbands, sample labels, special application labelling (for cryogenic storage or blood bags) and ISO-compliant PVC ID cards.

Scanners: 1D and 2D scanners to make asset tracking easier than ever.

Mobile devices: Mobile computers, smart badges and tablets for busy healthcare professionals.

RFID technology: Handheld or fixed RFID readers, antennae and RFID card printers for optimum asset tracking.

Micro kiosks: Rich, interactive platforms with an Android OS that can be configured to display a wide range of patient and visitor information.

Unnecessary complexity increases the risk of errors and maximises operational cost throughout the patient journey. With so many overlapping systems involved, achieving optimum productivity can be difficult. In some cases, up to 32 ID numbers are necessary to identify a single patient. This makes the modern healthcare facility an incredibly challenging working environment.

By installing the right technological solutions, healthcare providers can simplify internal processes and improve system transparency. With greater visibility caregivers can track both patients and equipment. Access to this real-time information allows for quicker, more accurate decision making and most importantly of all, improves patient outcomes. 

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