Securing Retail Solutions for your Next Success Story December 22th, 2020

Securing Retail Solutions for your Next Success Story

Behind every successful retail company is an accurate and organized inventory. Through managing one’s inventory, retailers are able to deliver superb customer experiences, while also minimizing the need costly safety stock. Without transparent visibility into the inventory system, retailers can fall behind on fulfilling orders and the unpredictable high return rate can flip every point of the store upside down. Whether operations are taking place in the warehouse or the sales floor, handheld devices help retail workers get their tasks done efficiently and simply. With that dependence being placed in technology’s hands, it’s up to the hardware to perform under any pressures or challenges that may come up.

If a device were to go missing or were misplaced by its last user, things can definitely go awry until the problem is resolved or a replacement is ordered. If a device is lost for good, a new one can and will need to be purchased, to then be configured and deployed accordingly. The time that employees took to search for the lost item took a big hit at overall productivity rates. Industry data shows that retailers commonly report losing between 10-30% of their mobile computers annually. If that device costs the retailer $750 dollars to replace, for a retailer with 2,500 devices that 30% could add up to almost $200,000 per year.

It’s not uncommon for retail workers to juggle multiple tasks throughout their shifts, such as stocking shelves while also answering inventory questions. With this unique challenge at hand, it’s easy to see how devices could get misplaced by the hand of the employees. Honeywell has a solution to this vastly common occurrence and it can be done through their new and improved feature, Operational Intelligence – their operational asset management solution, that works to track and locate missing equipment.

By utilizing Operational Intelligence, retailers can define zones in each of their stores and map them using Wi-Fi signals. This enables devices to be tracked automatically as they make their way throughout the store. If a device is reported as missing, Operational Intelligence will know which zone it was last located in, as well as if it’s still actively communicating. If you’re interested in learning how you could include this feature into your retail-based offerings for your customers, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today!


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.