Rugged printers go beyond expectations in the warehouse October 18th, 2018

Rugged printers go beyond expectations in the warehouse
Having a reliable printer in the warehouse is a necessity for most modern businesses that value flexibility and efficiency.

But the latest printers have gone a step further. SATO’s next generation of thermal printers offer advanced support for barcodes, character sets and RFID encoding. The NX Series incorporates value-added features in a world-class design to deliver a printing solution that goes beyond expectations.

Award winning NX series printers from SATO

In fact, the CL4NX and CL6NX series have made such an impact that they won the Good Design Award, operated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The judging process assesses designs based on whether or not they enrich life or society. It recognises subjects across wide variety of physical and conceptual categories including home appliances, cars, industrial goods, architecture, apps, types of communication and even business models.  

The new printer lines, engineered for zero downtime, were praised for their rugged design that can withstand all types of workplace environments. The printers also feature tool-less maintenance, which allows users to replace consumables on their own. The printers employ a universal design with intuitive buttons and icons and full-colour LCD displays that provide operating instructions and explain procedures to prevent errors. 

The NX series is designed to be easy to use and easy to integrate with existing systems, while placing importance on sustainable innovation. This includes a coreless ribbon supply that eliminates waste and superior energy efficiency to decrease energy costs and consumption. 

Key features of the NX series include:

  • User-friendly operability with a 3.5-inch full-colour display and built-in/customisable video tutorials
  • Easy maintenance with tool-less print head and platens replacement
  • Excellent print quality consistent across a wide range of consumables
  • Best-in-class ruggedness with aluminium die-cast construction
  • Elite processing power, throughput speed, and memory capacity
  • Unrivalled communication and emulation capabilities
  • Ready for global deployment with 30+ display languages and 40+ print character sets.

The NX series also includes SATO’s Application Enabled Printing (AEP) technology, which is a new, cost-effective and flexible way of printing labels and tags. AEP allows the NX series to be used as a stand-alone printing solution, removing the need to invest in more computers. Simply use common peripherals such as a USB keyboard for data input and you’re ready to print.

The printer can also print labels by querying a database with keyboard input or by scanning a barcode.

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