RFID: Technology to consider. Here’s why. November 9th, 2018

RFID: Technology to consider. Here’s why.

With increasing demands from buyers and suppliers, it becomes more apparent to have a quick process of picking and sending. With buying large quantities of products such as apparel, chips or food, scanning and picking one-by-one is not the solution. But RFID can step in to help.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of your immense inventory accurately. Knowing when to order in new inventory or saving time by running through it, often leads to overtime. Using old-fashioned barcodes and scanners often costs more time, which leads to more labour. It becomes more and more apparent to use RFID in the warehousing industry.

The big advantage of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is that multiple tags can be read at once, without even being visible. Next to this, RFID tags can store up to 100 times the data of an ‘ordinary’ barcode, allowing you to keep track of all the data you need for your inventory such as lot and serial number, size, manufacturer, vendor, expiration date, user, location on production line and anything else you might want to know.

Also, the tags don’t have to be seen, which will increase the speed and productivity during the whole process. As long as the tags are not blocked by metal or water, they can be put almost anywhere you like. They can be inside a box or a pallet and be read without any problems.

RFID is also quite useful when using live-time tracking of your products on the move. This is often achieved by using a combination of passive and active tags. Passive RFID tags do not have transmitters and simply reflect back radio waves that originate at the reader antenna. Active system RFID transponders (a microchip with an antenna) are placed on products and then information is accessed using a reader to pass the information to a computer.

RFID technology provides easy inventory management solutions and with the right tools, you can save yourself a whole lot of time by adding in this said technology. Luckily, Unitech Europe provides various solutions in the RFID department to help you speed up your inventory and even tracking processes. Soon, Unitech will launch the RP100, empowering the EA502 rugged smartphone. This is an excellent solution for medium to high speed reading. The new RP100 can read up to 600 tags a second, making updating inventory easier than ever. The sled allows its users to keep using their RFID/UHF technology, without settling for a completely brand-new all-in-one solution. The reading speed of the RP100, combined with the computing power of our octa-core strength offers great efficiency and improving productivity.

RFID technology is made to make your database portable and easily readable. To make the process even more convenient, Unitech also offers pocket-sized readers such as their RP901 to keep everything as portable as possible. This device is created to work in perfect harmony with your own smart device (pairs with iOS, Android and Windows), making migrating from non-RFID technology to tech that does, incredibly easy and quick. The RP901 is the most cost-effective way to integrate RFID/UHF technology into your business. Contact BlueStar Europe today to get your Unitech products.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.