RFID labels & their impact on hospital effectivity December 11th, 2019

RFID labels & their impact on hospital effectivity

A day in the life of a nurse is no simple one. From replacing catheters and IV drips, to staying wide awake and alert for nightly rounds, reviewing lab results, discharging patients upon vitamin consumption, and keeping patients calm during stressful times. Nurses are the heart of hospitals for they can be seen wearing many hats in order to get the job done. If an early morning shift is going awry, RFID technology solutions can come to the rescue to grant nurses with a sense of relief and peace of mind.  

From identifying proper patient identification & admission documents, to tracking blood samples and storing them in refrigerated containers, to avoiding pharmaceutical theft and managing smart medicine cabinets, RFID possesses so many capabilities for successfully exhibiting real-time results.  

RFID in collaboration with barcodes can work to check in and organize new equipment shipments and pharmaceutical stock. Nurses and administrators can monitor what medications are entering and exiting the cabinet and how frequently they are being refilled to keep open transparency amongst all employees.  

These smart cabinets can also utilize an Auto ID scanning system that can excel in real-time inventory control. The scanning system allows administrators to grasp a clear vision of which nurses and doctors are accessing the cabinet per hour, to hold staff members accountable.  

By combing the power of advanced RFID and SATO’s Smart Shelving-enabled storage units, security functions can be properly promoted within the workforce, employees can be held accountable and temperatures can be monitored all through the effective usage of antennas, control units, and management software. Each container can be constructed in three different architectural setups: Book Shelf Types, Drawer Types, and Hanging Types to house and track different hospital assets.  

To learn more about SATO’s RFID Solution made perfectly for nurses running a chaotic shift at the hospital. Contact BlueStar today to learn more!  


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.