Revolutionise the retail experience with smartphone practicality October 18th, 2018

Revolutionise the retail experience with smartphone practicality
Anyone in the retail business will tell you that the shopping experience is key if you want to secure customer loyalty and build a brand. But with competitors, online shopping and flash sales to compete against, how do you go about offering a personalised experience? After all, many shoppers now make the majority of their purchases online.

Technology is just as important in the retail environment

However, Zebra has found that more than 60% of shoppers want an improved shopping experience. Technology is now available that can help businesses to bridge this gap, with devices that can enhance the shopping experience and also provide personalised recommendations and opportunities for upselling.

Zebra’s Personal Shopping Solutions allow customers to scan their own items as they shop meaning that they only have to pack their bags once and can check out without a queue.

The Zebra MC18

Zebra’s latest handheld scanner, the MC18, can help to provide the experience that shoppers are looking for. Winner of the RedDot design award, the MC18 provides a smartphone user experience built into a trusted design. Built to last, it fits perfectly in hand for easy, one handed operation.

The device is directly used by the customer, who begins by unlocking it with their login credentials or via a loyalty card. A personalised welcome can be triggered to make the customer feel valued.

The device can then be used by the customer to connect to an online shopping list, sorted by aisle for convenience. The device can also display any coupons available to that customer and direct them to the item.

The beauty of the device is that scanning is simple, even for loose items, and can be carried out by the customer who can then see a running total of their spend, allowing them to budget better. Zebra’s research suggests customers actually spend 7-14% more when they shop in this way.

The MC18 also offers several key features to enhance the shopping experience, such as suggesting recipes for scanned items, creating offers based on user location and providing an in-store navigation app so that shoppers can find items quickly.

The MC18 can benefit both customer and retailer

Additionally, the MC18 can be used for:
  • Queue busting
  • In-store picking
  • Stock checking
  • Price mark downs

Of course, as shoppers are scanning items themselves it also saves retailers time too.

With deployments in over 3,000 stores, Zebra is the leader in self-shopping solutions which are proven to increase revenue, reduce costs and provide a platform to enable next generation digital services.

To find out more about Zebra personal shopping solutions, click here.


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