Reinvent store operations with staff enablement October 23th, 2019

Reinvent store operations with staff enablement

The cycle of change in retail today is accelerating faster than ever before. Retail stores are always trying to compete with internet shopping, which provides customers with faster access to the products they are looking for and is more accessible. 

Reinventing the in-store experience is often seen by retailers as the last undertaking. However, shoppers can access most information with just one click. So, brick-and-mortar need to provide their shoppers with even better service to compete with online shopping.  

Connecting operations is more important than ever. Here are four ways where connecting operations can improve overall performance: 

  • Enhance the Customers Experience  

The frontline employees are the closest to the customers, and yet, retail has one of the highest turnovers in the industry. Providing your employees with handheld devices will help provide them with real-time information on items. They can search for promotional codes, find more information on any product, and check online reviews. By having these mobile devices, employees can offer greater insight into products and engage with the customers more. 

  • Increase Planogram Compliance  

As a retailer, the end goal is to increase sales and become a store that caters for its customers so that they will keep coming back. With a single tap of a finger, associates will be able to replenish products before shelves are empty. Thus, shoppers will not leave dissatisfied due to there is not enough stock.  

  • Increase Operational Efficiency 

Providing store management with real-time visibility into associates, assets, and data throughout the store and the enterprise will increase the overall operational efficiency. 

  • Staff Communication 

Many customers often don't have all the information about an item or a promotion, unlike internet shopping. So, employees have to be more proactive, providing customers with the information they need. Hence, by connecting operations employees will able to access the stock or ask colleagues questions or asking to bring an item out without needing to leave the customer alone.  

Bring handheld devices into stores can enhance the retail experience of both the shopper and the employees. Using this technology gives the employees the tools to solve problems they would not always be able to do.  

Are you looking to improve overall performance? 

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Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.