Printing solutions for healthcare prevent medical errors May 24th, 2019

Printing solutions for healthcare prevent medical errors

Where urgency is paramount and time as well as resources can be limited, it's important to improve efficiencies within the healthcare industry that not only save money and boost productivity, but also improve overall patient care. That is why hospitals use several barcode applications for various occasions. Studies have shown that barcodes reduce medical errors by 41%. So, anything that can be tagged or labelled can be barcoded. And everything that can be barcoded requires a barcode label solution! 

Patient safety 

As hospitals are moving to an automatic data capture environment safety protocols are improved, and medical mistakes are preventable.  

Patient identification 

Improved patient identification comes from customised wristbands, which remain with the patient throughout his total stay at the hospital. That way the barcode of the wristband holds critical information about the patient, such as medication allergies, dietary restrictions, or any other critical data that should be always available to the staff. 

Lab samples 

Blood specimen mix-ups is an unfortunate event that can be limited with the use of healthcare barcodes.  

Asset and inventory management 

With the use of barcode labels you can track and manage all your assets and improve that way the overall patient care and reduce costs. 

Looking for the ideal barcode label solution? 

Look no more! Citizen Systems we have a suite of printing solutions that can help across these challenging environments. By printing quickly and accurately Citizen Systems’ reliable printers guarantee patient safety and prevent medical errors and medical staff can keep track of essential patient information throughout the entire patient journey. The new CL-E331 label printer is ideal for printing patient wristbands, sample labels, and prescription labels, which can be printed quickly and easily. Additionally, the white casing allows it to fit in seamlessly within any healthcare environment, making it the perfect unit for hospitals, doctor’s surgeries or pharmacies. Contact BlueStar Europe for more information! 


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