Portable printing on the move for better productivity March 25th, 2019

Portable printing on the move for better productivity

Portable thermal printers offer the flexibility needed for many receipts and label applications. For the mobile workforce, point-of-activity printing is a significant way to boost accuracy, efficiency and worker productivity in retail, healthcare, hospitality, and warehouse management.

While portable printers are a boon to efficiency and accuracy, selecting the right printer for the application is a must. There are a number of factors that affect printer selection: How long does the battery last? What's the maximum roll capacity? What about print speed? Read below the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a mobile printer:

  1. Maximum utility

The goal is to keep your mobile workforce up and running as long as possible with the least amount of downtime, so you want a device that can print enough labels for your application and do so in the most efficient manner. The fewer times your employees have to re-load labels or recharge the battery, the more productive they are.

  1. Functional size and weight

Heavier printers can be used for in-vehicle systems, where they may be mounted to a forklift or other mobile warehouse equipment. But belt worn printers must be ergonomically designed and light enough that they won't pull your uniform down.

  1. Ideal durability

By the same token as utility, the printer must be durable enough to withstand the inevitable wear and tear of an industrial application.


Looking for a powerful mobile printer?

The SATO PW2NX Series portable printers, for example, are light weight, yet can withstand multiple drops to concrete. The PW2NX Series are highly productive, durable and compact 2-inch mobile printers, which have a maximum printing speed of 152mm per second, an industry leading throughput. Whether the device is being used by a warehouse operative, healthcare professional or retail assistant, its user-friendly features and high-speed output make it simple to get started. SATO PW2NX models are cost-effective solutions for quickly printing the information you require wherever and whenever you need it.

Needing more information? Click here to download the PW2NX Series brochure, or order directly your own PW2NX model.



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