Plug &Play employees needed for retail, warehouse & e-commerce October 23th, 2019

Plug &Play employees needed for retail, warehouse & e-commerce

Businesses are having to rely on fluid labour in retail and warehouse, drawing more and more often from a pool of seasonal, foreign, or student workforce that have no time or skillsets to learn about technologies. While most consumers may only think of the in-store employees and cashiers at the POS as the face of retail, there is an army of people behind those faces that are the real backbone of the industry.  

Retail is transportation & logistics. Today's online shopping doesn't happen without the many people that pick, pack, kit, and ship products from e-commerce centres, distribution centres, and stores. 

The tight labour market is impacting the technology that retailers and transportation & logistics companies use. Technology in the hands of warehouse workers and store employees must be incredibly intuitive – the learning curve must be short and easy. Logistics managers and distribution centre managers are looking for plug-and-play employees during these high-volume times, such as back to school or Christmas periods. They need new staff to get in and get productive at a high level with as little training as possible. There isn't the bandwidth to train for managers and supervisors as they scramble to get orders out the door.  

There is no doubt that warehouse, distribution, e-commerce, and retail operations managers have demanding jobs that become harder with increased volumes. The right technology will help make their jobs a little easier while its simplicity of use becomes increasingly critical for success. Technology providers are answering the need by focusing on the developing of hand-held technology that has the ruggedness to survive the warehouse, distribution, and retail inventory environments. 

As a global leader in these industries, Datalogic is continuously in contact with industry leaders and is delivering innovative solutions that give managers the tools to get employees up and running fast. The Datalogic hand-held computers target transportation, logistics, and retail. Providing features that have much in common with the smartphones people have in their pockets every day; making it easier for new workers to feel right at home picking up an industrial device and using it. With an excellent portable scanner which allows the operator to smoothly move from a closeup barcode to a barcode at the top of a warehouse rack, which improves warehouse efficiency. 

Are you interested in improving your warehouse? 

Thanks to Datalogic your employees can efficiently work the mobile devices, without it feeling too complicated. Contact BlueStar for more information. 


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.