Pick the right goods at the right time December 9th, 2019

Pick the right goods at the right time

Warehouses often face several difficulties on the stock floor throughout the daily workflow. From picking and packing products to shipping and receiving accordingly to an inventory management standpoint, there is a lot to manage on and off of the floor. What your warehouse needs is a scanner that allows its users to move products, packages, and materials and to proceed forward with reading barcodes more effectively, safely, and comfortably. 

Collecting the right goods can be a time-consuming job. Working with deadlines creates also a higher risk of human errors during this task. A mobile device helps your warehouse employees pick the right goods at the right time. They can also use the device to receive various reports and to print necessary documents on printers on-site. Especially with the end of the quarter rounding the corner, this can help make up for any lapses in employment and any order overloads that come in. Here’s the deal: Products are ordered, delivered, stored, sold, and then eventually restocked throughout the warehouse floor at all times. Mastering your inventory management is key, especially with heightened devices that simplify your workflow. You will that way be able to meet customers’ growing demands for their own shipping/ purchasing/ receiving experience. 

Looking for a suggestion? We have it! 

Though it may be small, Unitech’s MS652 wearable 2D ring scanner is durable enough to do the job to the best of its ability. You can instantly switch between right and left-handed modes, with just one push-rotating movement. The MS652 holds the capability to scan most 1D, 2D, and PDF417 barcodes printed on paper labels, or those displayed on a mobile phone screen. The Bluetooth and NFC features deliver the most simplified ways to pair up with touch-screen smart devices on various operating systems, within a 32-foot range. This efficiently worn ring scanner maintains an excellent battery life, running for up to 13 hours at a time! 

To learn more about the Unitech MS652 wearable ring scanner, contact BlueStar today so we can locate the right solution for your company! 


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