Patient identifier wristbands eliminate medical errors October 31th, 2018

Patient identifier wristbands eliminate medical errors

Hospitals and senior citizen homes can benefit significantly by using medical patient identifier wristbands. Hospital ID wristbands contain a barcode, which can be scanned using a barcode scanner. This barcode provides vital information about the patient, such as their name, medical history, allergies, and medicine dosage. Hospitals that use such ID wristbands have shown positive results of decreased medical errors and of improved tracking of each patient’s record. The use of barcodes on wristbands allows all the information about the patient to be accessible to the hospital workers without compromising any of the privacy of the patient.

Unfortunately, hospital errors are not something uncommon. It has been reported that there are 250.000 deaths yearly due to preventable hospital mistakes. This number can be minimised with the use of patient ID wristbands with barcode.

As patients came and go all the time it is important to for each healthcare institution to have their own printer in place. Studies have shown that over 55% of hospital workers would prefer to use a space-saving, multi-purpose device to allow them to safe-guard their patients. These label printers for hospitals should be disinfectant-ready with anti-microbial casing, should print rather fast in order to save time, and integrate easily to existing systems so user experience is optimised.

Looking for recommendations that matches these requirements?

 The new SATO WS2 for healthcare is a compact, hygienic device designed to save space, which prints both patient ID wristbands and various inpatient labels on demand. The new model that is 25% smaller than competitor models allows an easy integration to existing systems, has a reduced carbon footprint, and maintains patient safety.

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