Ovotrack Updates their ‘On Farm Scanning’ Module September 1th, 2020

Ovotrack Updates their ‘On Farm Scanning’ Module

When it comes to seeing where the food in your local grocery store comes from, there is a way to track its origins using food traceability tactics, through various stages of production, processing, and distribution. Traceability is able identify the source of all food inputs including raw materials, additives, ingredients, and packaging materials. If a product recall were to take place or a food safety issue is identified, food-based government agencies are able to locate the food’s origins and current whereabouts to prevent potentially contaminated products from reaching the consumer.

To be specific, Ovotrack is a company that oversees the tracking and traceability of eggs in accordance with the mandatory 2005 European Food Law. Tracing back, eggs are given a stamp to allow customers with the ability to see where their food is coming from. Tracing forward is a little more difficult, because the location of the egg producer, from its house, flock, and date of lay would need to be transparent in order to receive that intel. Labels containing the batches’ necessary credentials such as name, address, and registration number right onto the pallet of eggs at the poultry farm.

Datalogic works with Ovotrack to better identify cartons of eggs based on their individual stamped ID number using their Android-based Datalogic Memor 10 handheld scanner. Their patented “Green Spot” technology assists the device and its user by better directing the focus of the scanner towards the barcode. No matter the work environment, sometimes your surroundings can be rather noisy, so ensuring that product is scanned accurately, it’s pleasant that you don’t have to always depend on the verifying beeping sound to know the job has been done.

The Memor 10 possesses wireless communication, both through the means of Wi-Fi and 4G plus the bright display that allows users to better read and operate the device. The Memor 10 can also be charged without the need for charging contacts that form the connection between the barcode terminal and charging station. These contacts are highly sensitive to moisture and any other foreign subjects that may be polluting the environment and with traditional charging capabilities, operations just wouldn’t be possible.

To learn more about what Datalogic’s solutions can provide for the Food Traceability Industry, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative to get the conversation started.


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