Optimizing Supply Chain Printing Solutions May 19th, 2020

Optimizing Supply Chain Printing Solutions

With a rapidly changing warehouse, standardised labelling processes can help achieve the accuracy and efficiency goals of Lean and Six Sigma programs to provide the interoperability that’s crucial to delivering essential value in today’s build-to-order and JIT supply environments. Supply chain and warehousing are key businesses currently helping the economies around the world, the same as the daily lives of people to operate in a semi-normal way. That’s why it’s key to reduce inefficiencies in the supply chain labelling operation, minimise errors related to manual operation, and ultimately prevent revenue loss and downtime.

Procuring the right labelling system, and making sure that it’s secure, proven, reliable, and can integrate with existing systems and workflows to enable single sources of truth data management, closed loop workflows – to scale and adapt to evolving business practices. The BarTender barcode and label software is an integral component of the logistics, warehousing, transportation, compliance and traceability labelling strategies of the world’s supply chain.

BarTender enables compliance with the expanded security requirements of the labelling processes in regulated environments. Business who gamble in food service, production/processing, pharma, personal care and medical device manufacturing would rely on configurable settings to add additional protections to the printing environment. It even comes full with security features ranging from basic print-only settings to even complex role-based permissions which require label-format encryption.

The BarTender Enterprise Automation editions include complete audit trail capture, allowing you to respond quickly during a recall or site inspection, with pinpoint track and trace accuracy. BarTender’s support for cross-functional data exchange and the interoperability provides the ability to deploy tracking deeply into every phase of the production cycle. That includes R&D, Procurement, Inbound Logistics, Manufacturing, Outbound Distribution, Marketing & Sales, and even After-Service Sales.

By going with BarTender’s software, you’re ensuring Powerful Design with Intelligent Templates, Control & Compliance, and Integration capabilities. It’s always exceptionally easy to integrate with virtually any business system or WMS, including but not limited to Oracle, SAP, IBM Websphere, Sage, Infor, HighJump, Epicor, and Microsoft Dynamics.

The centralised control of BarTender’s Enterprise Automation and Automation editions connects your business data with a wide variety of printers and marking devices – standardise formats, ideologies, and security features throughout the enterprise, maintaining the ability to meet geographic variances, such as language, regulations, and units of measurement. If you’re interested in learning more about BarTender by Seagull’s Enterprise Automation solution, please contact your BlueStar Europe representative today.


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