Operational intelligence - Locationing October 23th, 2019

Operational intelligence - Locationing

The role of retail employees is quickly evolving. Basic administrative activities are being reduced with the use of automation and self-service technology. This then allows retail associates to focus more on providing outstanding customer service and increase product expertise. Mobile devices help achieve these goals and their technology allows employees to instantly access product information.  

When retail associates use mobile devices, it creates an environment where employees are more knowledgeable about the stores' products. Along with making the team more efficient, it allows them to check inventory and stock levels, and increase communication between the team without them needed to leave the customer. Providing retail employees with mobile devices empowers them to surpass in their daily performances.  

So, what happens when retail associates lose or misplace their mobile devices? 

Missing equipment is very common in retail environments. Employees lose track of their devices during their shifts and forget where they placed them. The loss of mobile devices costs companies’ large amounts yearly to replace this equipment.  

Causes of lost devices are:  

1.Mobile devices left on merchandise shelving and obscured from view 

2.The devices found in inventory boxes in the back room;  

3.They were found in discarded boxes intended to be thrown away;  

4.The Mobile devices were taking to the washroom or breakroom and forgotten;  

5.They were stolen. 

Identifying mobile devices and acting quickly is a critical cost saving for operations. 

How do companies reduce the loss of mobile devices? 

With the help of Honeywell Mobile devices and Operational Intelligence Software, companies are now able to track the location of their devices, while they are in use. Read the case study about how the system was a huge learning experience and has improved the recovery of lost devices. Contact your local BlueStar Representative if you are looking to provide customers with the possibility of tracking their mobile devices. 


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.