Online buyers expect accurate inventory, give it to them! June 4th, 2019

Online buyers expect accurate inventory, give it to them!

Knowing a product is in stock is a major influence for online buying decisions. Inventory accuracy comes to e-commerce systems and supply chains systems from information provided by hand held bar code devices used by warehouse workers. These workers operate in a scan intensive environment that taxes hand held scanners and mobile computers in two very different ways that impacts battery performance - Data Capture and Docking Station Storage. 

To fill orders and ensure great customer service, warehouse workers are pulling product from shelves at an intensive pace. Each item selected is scanned using a mobile computer or hand held scanner. Depending on the application (online grocer, clothing, specialty retail, etc.) and the task assigned to the worker, the number of items scanned for each order can reach a high count. Add to this other scanning necessary to process an order, such as scanning sales documents, shipping materials, pallet locations and more - it becomes clear that these hand held devices are working hard along with the staff employing them. Both are relying on the batteries to ensure the data is collected and transmitted to the enterprise systems. 

In this environment ensuring the device batteries are properly charged may become a challenge. Most hand-held computers and scanners use docking stations to hold the device and charge the batteries. In some warehouse applications, such as picking, kitting, shipping, receiving, restocking, and others, a hand-held device can be placed and removed from a docking station over 20 times per shift. Each placement impacts charging contacts. Charging contacts on hand held computers and scanners are small and fragile. Over time they become worn, corroded and dirty, leading to poor charging or the prevention of charging. This degradation impacts the effectiveness of workers and can cascade downstream eventually affecting the online buyer. The accuracy of the online store inventory is directly coupled to the activity of warehouse workers and their hand-held bar code devices. 

Don't jeopardize the online shopping experience with devices that are prone to failure! 

The number one issue for warehouse hand held computers and bar code scanners is failed contacts. Datalogic eliminated this failure mode by implementing wireless charging on the Memor™ 1 hand held computer, the Memor™ 10 enterprise PDA, and the Gryphon™ 4500 series of scanners. Wireless charging technology helps deliver peace of mind by: 

  • Eliminating charging contacts 
  • Improving device reliability 
  • Providing faster charging 
  •  Reducing device maintenance 

Only Datalogic offers wireless charging technology on mobile computers and hand held scanners! Contact your BlueStar Europe representative to request a no-cost evaluation unit or more information! 


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.