Next generation pickup and delivery putting the customer in the driver's seat December 6th, 2019

Next generation pickup and delivery putting the customer in the driver's seat

Technology has become such an essential part of our world. It is used both in entertainment and helps improve efficiencies in companies. And it is finding its way into all aspects of companies. It is no surprise, with how quickly technology has taken over our world, that it has become such an imperative device to grow and maintain a business. It is almost something that must be managed to stay in business. The ways of the past are no longer acceptable. Consumers demand results quickly. If you cannot deliver, they will go to your competitor. All these points are reasons why mobility in the supply chain is required for more effective managing of supply chains in the field. 

In the logistics, transportation, and supply chain fields, mobile devices and applications are essential tools. In these fields, the goal is to get products or goods from one place to another most efficiently and cost-effectively possible. Several positions within these fields focus solely on making the supply chains better and more efficient. With the rise of technology and apps that support these needs, companies have been able to equip their employees with ways to improve supply chains, no matter if they are in the field or the corporate office. 

Luckily, technology is rapidly changing and improving. So, previous technology like paper-based or siloed mobile systems, which are still around today, are slowly diminishing. The customer-centric marketplace is when companies put their customers first, and at the core of their business, this has become a critical driver of change. 

But what is the solution? 

Technology, which has already begun revolutionizing pickup and delivery operations in several companies! Purpose-built mobile devices help improve services by providing carriers and shippers alike with a business-critical platform to allow visibility and control across the whole distribution and delivery network, providing extensive, accurate, and actionable information in real-time. Also, innovative applications ensure increased pickup and delivery efficiency, accountability, and integration with all the elements of the Transportation Management System (TMS). What do you get as a result of integrating your supply chain? Increased efficiency and lower costs in operations, supported by more significant levels of collaboration across fleet-ready devices and application suites. 

If your company is interested in making your supply chain streamline, then contact your BlueStar representative to find out how Zebra Technologies mobility products will allow unity and proficiency. 


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.