Mobile printing solutions for increased efficiency October 18th, 2018

Mobile printing solutions for increased efficiency

Established in 1940, SATO is a pioneer and leader in barcode printing and RFID labelling solutions. Committed to ongoing innovation SATO invented the world’s first-hand labeller and introduced the first thermal transfer barcode printer. Customers rely on SATO for accuracy, labour efficiencies and resource savings – which in turn help to preserve the environment.

Whether your customers are operating within the four walls or have mobile workers, mobile printers are a great tool that enable users to quickly and easy print required information where and when it is needed.

Lightweight mobile printers can be worn at the waist or on the shoulder – or mounted on vehicles such as forklifts or delivery trucks. Most are enabled for wireless connection to receive print jobs and other data from host systems and battery optimised to handle full-shift operation and idle time.

If your customers require mobile printers, it is vital to select devices that are robust and durable and able to withstand the challenges of conditions where dust and extreme temperature, as well as physical impact and high usage, are common.

SATO offers a range of mobile and portable printers for quick and easy printing on the move. SATO delivers robust solutions and reliable performance throughout its extensive product range, which includes direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, OEM print engines, 10.5-inch wide web printers, printer accessories, label design software, labels and thermal transfer ribbons.

SATO is committed to protecting the environment and offer linerless labels have no liners or backing papers, eliminating unnecessary paper waste after printing.

These printers offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Convenience without compromising on performance
  • Mobile printing solutions for increased efficiency
  • Lightweight, ergonomically designed mobile printers
  • Robust and durable
  • Can be worn on the waist or shoulder
  • Easy to mount on forklifts or delivery trucks
  • Enabled for wireless connection to print jobs from host systems
  • Applications include healthcare, retail, warehousing, manufacturing and logistics

SATO’s printer range includes:

MB2 – 2” mobile printer: The compact size, rugged design and light weight of the MB2 make it ideal for mobile, on-demand printing needs. It supports linerless material handling capabilities built into the standard unit.

MB4 – 4” mobile printer: Like the 2” version, the MB4 offers mobility and lightness but with a 4” print width.

TH2: Smart and standalone. Thanks to an integrated battery and control panel the TH2 is both portable and standalone. With no PC, ink or ribbon required, the SATO TH2 can print almost any label up to 2” / 56mm in width.

Whatever the requirements, SATO’s mobile printing technology enables your customers to improve their productivity in the field. Visit the Bluestar website for more information and to see how Bluestar’s can support you with a range of value-adds.


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