Meeting the on-demand economy's challenges the future of field operations October 23th, 2019

Meeting the on-demand economy's challenges the future of field operations

The field-operations function has progressed over the past decades, keeping up with constant changes in technology. The new technologies available to field-operations are dramatically improving efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and customer experience.  

Zebra provided us with a study that illustrates a trend of rising investment in disruptive technologies and mobile devices in field operations, including fleet management, field services, proof of delivery, and delivery workflows. Below you can read in detail the three trends that are driving the changes in the field. 

Mobile technology replacing paper in the field 

Mobile technology investment will be a growing priority for up to 60%, according to Zebra Technologies. Organisations should also be aware of how employing mobile technology can improve their teams' performance. Providing employees with mobile devices encourages them to work at a higher level. Organisations are seeing the opportunities and taking advantage of this to achieve economies of scale. That way they are increasing mobile technology in their enterprise and amplifying efficiency and the accuracy of inventory, repair and maintenance, merchandising, and delivery. 

Emerging technologies and faster networks are disrupting field operations 

When 5G wireless technology is available it will allow concurrent high-speed of large amounts of data processing in the cloud and edge computing in the Internet of Things. How could this help? Introducing 5G IoT sensors into supply chains could mean a reduced amount of losses due to manual inefficiency or misplaced containers. As 5G technologies present more intelligent supply chain management, there could be potential for increases in production, streamlined logistical processes, and reduced costs. 

Performance and convenience expectations are growing 

Customer loyalty is one of the most frequently addressed subjects. An organisation faces many challenges in achieving operational excellence and service delivery success. As e-commerce and mobile connectivity give customers more way to order products, with customers using online feedback platforms, it holds service providers to a higher standard. To build brand loyalty, field operations managers must decide how to continually figure out how to help their teams do their work faster, more proficiently, and more cost-effectively. In our ever-growing connected world, organisations have constant possibilities for changing field operations with new mobility and edge tech-driven workflows.  

Choosing the right mobile devices to help increase performance! 

With the market and technological trends constantly impacting field operations, there is a higher demand for mobile technology in field operations. Contact your BlueStar sales representative for information on how Zebra Mobile devices are the best for your organization. 

Click here to read in more detail the insightful survey conducted by Zebra Technologies! 


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