Looking for a reliable solution for collecting accurate item data?  This is what you should keep in mind! October 23th, 2019

Looking for a reliable solution for collecting accurate item data?  This is what you should keep in mind!

Collecting data throughout the supply chain is vital to manage the flow of items from factory to shop. At every step, the single most important thing is to have absolute and reliable information on the amounts of items on the move through the supply chain. In short, this means visibility to what’s going in and out of DCs and other locations.  

Without knowing the right amounts, you cannot optimise your processes. And without optimising your processes you end up fighting overproduction and unnecessary transports, collecting the wrong items, and as a consequence, having them sent back and forth between shops. Furthermore, you will lack the support for accurate data that omnichannel sales require.   

Accurate and reliable data collection  

For collecting item data, you need tools that last for a long time, and at the same time can be adapted to your everchanging needs. When selecting the right RFID reader, make sure that it is durable enough to withstand rough handling at DC’s and in factories, but at the same time is sleek and light enough to fit in to any shop environment, and is comfortable to use. Most importantly, the RFID reader that you choose needs to be 100 % accurate! With accurate reading the user can rely on the collected data and trust that the right products in the right amounts have been packed for shipment and are on their way to their next destination.  

No out-of-stock  

Shop attendants must know that they can rely on the item data collected when receiving goods. For instance, for inter-shop deliveries or home deliveries, it should be easy to check that the right items have been picked, packed, and are ready to be sent to the next or final destination. With the opportunity to do fast and easy inventory several times a weekor even every day, the stock balance is continuously kept up to date. Additionally, stock and shelf replenishment should be fast so that staff always have fresh numbers to rely on. Accurate data capture enables you to achieve excellent customer satisfaction! No more out-of-stock or lost last items as the whole inventory is accounted for. And you’ll be able to manage omnichannel sales with one inventory! 

We have a timeless and futureproof solution for item data collection! 

The Nordic ID HH83 handheld is the perfect solution for capturing reliable and accurate item information on the inventory rapidly. By enabling accurate item data throughout the supply chain, you can optimize your processes and support sustainability. Furthermorethe Android operating system opens up ever more opportunities to customise the solution and keep up with the development in the industry. The extremely durable Nordic ID HH83 is designed to perform for many years in daily use, so it meets the most demanding requirements on robustness. And note, that in case you have not yet implemented RFID-technology, this reader is easy to upgrade from barcode to RFID. What an easy way to contribute to a more sustainable way of doing business 

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